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Welcome to Threads of Care,  a youth run organization founded by teens focused on helping teens in need.  No child deserves to struggle, whether homeless, cold or hungry.  We are committed to helping teens in our community through clothing donations, supplies and fundraisers. As an impassioned group of teens, we are dedicated to creating awareness and helping to solve the problem of teen homelessness.  Our outreach partners with local area high schools,  non-profit and generous for profit organizations to further our goals of providing services for teens in need.  With this in mind, we also intend to uplift  youth in our communities with clothing and supplies to make them feel cared for and appreciated.  Sign up for more information if you’re a teen (or caring person) looking to get involved! We believe that, in order for our future to be prosperous, we must make sure that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, is taken care of.

Threads of Care started because of a life changing experience that I had when I was younger. Our family traveled to New York City one winter.  As we rounded a busy corner, there he sat, a boy about my age on a piece of tattered cardboard as steam from the subway grates loftly encircled him.  This image haunted me and I knew I just had to do something, anything; so in the eighth grade, I started a winter coat drive.  Because of the generosity of my community,  I was able to see first hand the positive effect on many teens during one of Nashville’s coldest winters.  I organized the event again in high school, and thought, “How do I involve other high schools and make an even greater impact?” The following summer, Threads of Care was born. Zach Wolfson

Founder, Threads of Care


One of our favorite quotes is:

Leadership is an Action…Not a Position

Don McGannon

Zach at The Oasis Center's Teen Closet

Oasis Center Nashville

Nashville Community Based Care for Teens

United Way

Representing Williamson County Youth Leadership

Hugh O' Brian

HOBY Ambassador and Threads of Care Liason

Center for Youth Issues

Local High School Activist for STARS Programs

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