All throughout my life, service has been a huge part of me. My parents taught me the importance of serving those around you and those who are not as fortunate. In addition, having a little brother who has Autism and ADHD has also greatly influenced my involvement in service. My mom and I started our own non-profit organization, 1Team1Goal, for people with special needs to participate in football, basketball, cheer, dance, music, and arts. We started 1Team1Goal about 8 years ago and we are still enhancing special needs peoples’ lives today. My involvement with 1Team1Goal brought me to Threads of Care. My older brother’s friend, Mitchell Morrison, the President of the BGA Chapter, introduced me to it at the beginning of last year, my freshman year. I had always been more involved with serving special needs people because that was the closest thing to me. When Mitchell informed me about Threads of Care, I was intrigued. I immediately wanted to know and learn more. After speaking with Mitchell many times, he asked me to be the Vice President of the BGA Chapter, accompanying him. The longer I have been with Threads of Care, the more my perspective has changed. 1Team1Goal, my little brother, and many other things have impacted my perspective on life, but Threads of Care has in a different way. Without Threads of Care, I would not know about all of the homeless and struggling people there are just in our community. My involvement with Threads of Care has changed my perspective and has allowed me to impact my community in a new and different way, which I am eternally grateful for.