We believe the core values of a service based organization translate to the success of helping of those in need.

Our Mission: To find ways for teens to help teens in need. 

  • Teamwork: There’s no “I” in team. As the great Troy Bolton once said, “We’re all in this together.”  It’s imperative that we collaborate to help as many youth in need as possible.
  • Care:  We’re one big happy family here, and we care about our communities and how we can make them better.
  • Appreciation:  We appreciate all that the world gives us and want to embody that by giving back.
  • Drive: We’re a highly motivated group of individuals that wish to make the lives of teens who struggle just a little bit better.
  • Respect: Treating everyone; volunteers, sponsors, families and the community with respect and dignity.
Team members accepting the Franklin Tomorrow's Youth Award

The Oasis Center

Nashville Community Based Care for Teens

United Way

Representing Williamson County Youth Leadership

Hugh O' Brian

HOBY Ambassadors and Threads of Care Liaisons

Center for Youth Issues

Local High School Activists for STARS Programs

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Learn from teens and leaders in the community.

Why TOC is Important?

Why TOC is Important?

 The reason why I love being apart of Threads of Care is because of the impact it has on my community. Threads of Care gives struggling people the chance to make a change. Giving a struggling person clothing can change their life. It gives them one less thing to...

A New Year, A New Perspective

A New Year, A New Perspective

All throughout my life, service has been a huge part of me. My parents taught me the importance of serving those around you and those who are not as fortunate. In addition, having a little brother who has Autism and ADHD has also greatly influenced my involvement in...

Christmas Year-Round

Christmas Year-Round

There are millions of ways to get involved in your community, and there are a million more ways to make a difference, big or small. You’ve heard the stories of how one smile can save someone’s life or how one dollar could feed a family. Threads of Care donates clothes...

Helping communities....One thread at a time

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