My first day of volunteering with Threads of Care was when I helped to bring clothes received from clothing drives across Williamson County to the Oasis Center in Nashville. I’ll admit, before that day I knew very little about Threads of Care and what the organization stood for. Zach Wolfson, who was leading the clothing drive at the time, had asked me for help in bringing the clothes up to Nashville, and I said yes because it felt like the right thing to do. At the time, I didn’t expect that I would continue volunteering with Threads of Care.

I didn’t even realize how wrong I was.

Upon arriving at the Oasis Center, I realized just how important Threads of Care was. It was clear that the donations gathered from the various clothing drives across the county would end up going to a good cause, and I knew immediately that Threads of Care was an organization worth supporting.

I made up my mind about joining the organization right then. I knew that I wanted to join Threads of Care, and ended up asking Zach if I could join a little bit later. I knew that joining Threads and helping out with donations would be one of the best ways to use my spare time, because I know that Threads of Care helps people.