This summer, I had the opportunity of volunteering at Bless Fest, an event where people all over Nashville could come and get food, clothing, and a multitude of other things. Items for babies and the elderly were offered, and essential toiletries were also given out. Services like haircuts were offered, and many different ministries and organizations like OneGenAway and Dress for Success were there to assist people. There were food stations set up and fun zones for the kids, and it was overall a fun-filled event. Everyone in the community gathered to help one another. It was so eye-opening to see the kind of things a lot of people don’t have on a daily basis and don’t have access to all the time. I had the privilege of serving with my church, Strong Tower Bible Church, and the other volunteers, and I got to talk to the people who had come to the event. It was so enlightening to hear all their struggles, triumphs, and life stories. We got the chance to pray over them and just truly bless them, hence the name of the function. Working at that event made me so grateful to serve in a similar manner all year round through Threads of Care. We get the chance to help so many teens and affect so many lives. In my first year in TOC, we had over 7,000 pieces of clothing donated during the Spring Clothing Drive alone! Our winter clothing drive and Thanksgiving baskets were very successful as well. It’s incredible to see needs met, hope given, and hearts lifted through an organization that truly cares so much. I know that I have learned so much by being a part of this team, and I’m excited to see how we grow and connect with even more teens in need. Whether it’s just one shirt or a whole bag of clothing, every contribution counts. It’s so humbling to know that the people at the Bless Fest were grateful for even the smallest gift, and the teens who receive clothing from TOC are overjoyed with the donations. I can’t wait to reach out and give back to my community this year through Threads of Care. My hope is that we can be a blessing, one piece of clothing at a time.