Nashville has been transitioning into a big city for a while now, and while Nashvillians are getting to enjoy the perks of living in such a vibrant place, we should not forget the problems that become accentuated as our city grows in size and number. Homelessness is becoming a huge problem in Nashville, and Covid is making it even worse. Losing their jobs, unable to put food on the table, or getting evicted because someone can not afford to live in the rising prices of Nashville apartments anymore is a huge problem.  Without organizations like Threads of Care continuously helping them, they face a significantly worse quality of life. 

    I joined Threads of Care because I love the city of Nashville. I was born here, I grew up here, and I hope to work in Nashville once I grow up. Since freshman year I’ve been doing everything I can to help in the Nashville community. Out of all my time volunteering, fundraising, and bringing together groups of people in Nashville through various organizations, Threads of Care has had the most positive impact on Nashville by far. Threads of Care contributes money, clothes, and human connection, and it is so amazing to see just how far this goes.