The beginning of the school year is here, and the end of summer is gone, so it’s time to get organized. As the final days of summer have come and gone, we’ve cracked open school supplies, started after school sports/activities, and have begun our classes. The Threads of Care team knows all to well that impoverished teens in our community simply do not share the same experiences. That is why, we are looking for a few good teens to join Threads of Care and make a monumental difference in the lives of the unfortunate.

We’ve received over 20 inaugural ambassadors here in Williamson County this summer and are looking to expand our influence!  If you are a teen who wants to make a difference, Join the Threads of Care movement. As an ambassador you’ll have your picture and school name highlighted on our website along with a movement that you will have helped start up! Each ambassador will launch a Threads of Care Chapter in their high school and lead a team of students to launch and operate clothing drives for teens in their community. We’ve set up everything you’ll need to do, keeping it simple to get involved. If you’d like to share your thoughts with the community as well, it would be outstanding to have you as a guest blog writer. 

Poverty in our communities is a very real yet hidden problem. As the beginning of school commences, the undeniable necessity for awareness and clean, gently used clothing increases. This year throughout December, the Threads of Care team will gather hundreds of Coats, Sweaters, Gloves, Boots, etc. To meet the needs of the thousands of struggling teens in your community, we need your help! So, let’s build upon the momentum we’ve established so far and get excited for the upcoming school year! Most importantly, keep the Threads of Care motto in your heart and mind: “Teen’s helping teens, one thread at a time!”