There are millions of ways to get involved in your community, and there are a million more ways to make a difference, big or small. You’ve heard the stories of how one smile can save someone’s life or how one dollar could feed a family. Threads of Care donates clothes to those who need them and it’s the most rewarding thing in the world to know someone is warm because of you. As President of the Independence High School chapter of Threads of Care, I’ve become a big advocate of creating a community of caring people. I welcome everyone to join, but they quickly realize that they’ve joined a family. We meet now and then to discuss how to hold a fundraiser, how to bring in more donations, and how to grow Threads of Care. Towards the end of our meetings, we talk about our lives and other organizations. When you create a bond between a group of people, you work so much better as a team. I believe this year we’re going to work harder, and make a difference. We’re going to increase our number of donations and that is the only gift I want for Christmas.