As we wrap up year one of Threads of Care, it is amazing to see how much work this organization has accomplished in such a short time. Having joined the organization last summer, when it was still in the planning stages, I’ve seen tremendous growth and positive impact first hand. Each person who is a part of this organization has truly embodied the Threads of Care motto: “teens helping teens.” The success of recent clothing drives has shown that a group of teenagers can have tremendous impact on our society, and it is our goal to empower others to do the same through the confidence boost, security, and comfort that can come from something as simple as new clothes or shoes.
As inspirational as this first year has been, my work hasn’t even truly started. My job as video coordinator is to tell the stories of the outreach done by Threads of Care; in other words, stories of the work done by the TOC team to make such outreach possible and stories of the people we are able to help. In doing this, it is my goal to spread the word about our organization so that others can see the work that has been done by these amazing people, see the impact that clothing outreach can have on our communities, and hopefully be inspired to join us on our mission to help our fellow people. As clothing drives shift into high gear this week, I am hoping to hear many inspiring stories, and I cannot wait to tell them.