This last summer was one of the most amazing and productive summers I have had thus far! I traveled throughout the country, experiencing a multitude of cultures and and meeting some of my new favorite people. Above all, however, I had the time of my life volunteering at a music studio in West Nashville designed to teach youth at the Boys and Girls Club about music. I helped them learn instruments, taught them vocal and songwriting techniques, and watched these children be introduced to a new passion. I got to see children from many walks of life come together and fall in love with music. Many of these children may never have been or will be able to take lessons for a musical instrument, let alone buy a musical instrument. Watching as these kids used music as therapy to move beyond the struggles of their lives was truly inspiring and humbling, to say the least. I would not trade it for the world. While spending time with these children, I noticed the need for what many in Franklin and surrounding areas would consider basic necessities. New clothing, shoes, and backpacks are something many people simply do not have access to. Understanding this reality helps me take pride in being a part of Threads of Care, because I see the direct impact clothing and canned food drives have on these communities. Threads of Care is an organization that I joined last year, not fully understanding how positive of an experience it would be throughout my sophomore year and years to come. Seeing the excitement on a child’s face after getting a new Spiderman backpack is something unlike anything else, since few understand what a gift that is for so many. After this summer, entering a new year with TOC means more work, more dedication, and more Spiderman backpacks (yessssssss!), and I absolutely cannot wait!