I have no idea where to start with Threads of Care. Through this organization I continuously see hope in an often hopeless world. In a time of division between people in America, it is groups like Threads of Care that help mend back together our society. Threads of Care has greatly impacted me thus far by helping me become more outgoing. Before this club I was scared to ask people for things, but the goal has made it easier, and well worth it. The goal to help others has helped me overcome personal fears with interactions with people. I also love this club because of the good it gives to our school community. When we have meetings, all social groups are put beside and everyone is able to work together with each other regardless of set social groups. You can come to a meeting and always find someone in a good mood to help make your day brighter.

In Threads of Care, thus far, we have had one drive at my high school, Centennial. Gratefully, it was a success, and I can’t wait to have another. I’ve also been helping with various other activities in Threads of Care, such as delivering donated clothes and sorting by sizes. In this club, I’m looking forward to seeing the far reaches it helps out with through the community. I would love to see clubs like Threads of Care grow to a point where all communities have a way to help those in need by supplying clothes for them. I am most looking forward to the time when this club will eventually transferred down to younger students. I believe that, over time, this club will become present in more communities, and will give more teens the opportunity to help other teens.