Even with my short time as the Oak Ridge Ambassador for Threads of Care, I still know and see the extent of hard work that is put into establishing this wonderful organization! As we’re preparing for our first clothing drive, we’ve encountered a few expected and unexpected problems. Though it’s taking longer than we’d hoped for, I think that it will be amazing. I would not be able to do with without support from Zach, the TOC family, and a cohort of dedicated people from Oak Ridge!

As I stare around my room as I’m typing this blog, I cannot help but think how lucky I am to have an abundance of everything. I do not know a life of homelessness; I do not know what it feels like to not know about my next meal; I do not know how to live a life other than this one I was blessed with. Seeing how lucky I am, I feel more disappointed with the situation surrounding homelessness, especially childhood homelessness. I cannot imagine the waters they have to tread through for even the most basic needs. Threads of Care, to me, is revolutionary. It is exactly what every community needs. You can bet that the team from Oak Ridge will do everything we can do to help teens and children that we assume are just like us, but below the surface are much stronger than ever imaginable.