Last week, I was fortunate enough sit down with Billboard Top 10 Country singer-songwriter, Jimmy Wayne and gather his thoughts on Threads of Care. As a child born into poverty, going in and out of foster homes, and eventually becoming homeless, Wayne was able to provide a personal perspective into the thoughts of the kids TOC is targeting, as well as  thoughts on how  this organization would help those kids. 


It’s important to start with how TOC impacts the lives of homeless and impoverished youth.

Jimmy Wayne stated “It may sound far-fetched, but when you’re sitting in a classroom, and you’ve got a pair of shoes that you’ve been wearing for the past two years to school, you’re focused on those shoes and not focused on what the teacher is saying… it’s very embarrassing and it’s all you think about, it affects everything around you. Believe me, I’ve been there.” 

TOC’s aim is to provide good shoes and clothes for impoverished youth in order to prevent these feelings of embarrassment and distraction that Jimmy describes.

Jimmy says that “you may never hear [a kid] say anything [in return], but I can tell you right now, I remember every pair of shoes and every coat I was given and how it helped me. If I could tell those people thanks, I would. I would hug their neck”.

It’s TOC’s goal to share this joy with kids and teens around America. As Jimmy said, “I remember every pair of shoes”, and TOC wants to help kids like Jimmy experience the comfort and relief of having clean and comfortable clothing.

As far as TOC’s role in all of this goes, we are the connectors between those in need and those who want to give/help.

Jimmy Wayne professed that “there’s a lot of people who need help, and a lot of people who care and want to help, but getting those two groups together is the big problem… I’m very proud that there’s a lot of kids who want to help and are finally getting involved and helping… in my generation, I don’t remember kids doing that.”

In the beginning and the end of our interview, Jimmy made it a point to emphasize that the awareness of this organization is crucial to it’s success in helping others;

“You, [TOC], have to rubber-coat, spoon-feed people”, he said, “you, [youth in need of clothes], have to be aware that there are organizations like this to exist.”

In order for TOC to reach these kids in need, and vice-versa, we must have others help spread the word that we’re here to help!

We can try our best to spread the information about TOC, but we can’t do it alone!  Readers, help Threads of Care reach more people! Share this post, share the love, and make as many people aware of TOC as you can! A big thanks to Jimmy Wayne Barber for giving us insight for our organization! Check out his music on iTunes, his website , and his three time New-Tork Times best-selling memoir, “WALK TO BEAUTIFUL”.