Being a part of Threads of Care has opened my eyes and taught me how many sufffer right around us. Teen homelessness is a worldwide issue and epidemic. As teens, we often struggle to understand and get involved with impoverished parts of our community. Being involved in Threads of Care and serving my community has changed not only other peoples’ lives, but my life as well. All my life, my serving has been based around helping others with special needs. I have solely focused on my mom and I’s nonprofit and put all of my time and servitude into that. As amazing that is, Threads of Care gave me the opportunity to serve and impact my community in more and different ways than I ever have.

Threads of Care has given me a new perspective on my life. Serving in community service is rewarding and will teach you more than anything else will. The definition of community service is voluntary work intended to help people in a particular community. Helping others not only benefits the receivers of the service, but it makes the person doing the service a better human being because they are putting themself in a position of someone who may not be as lucky or fortunate.