Last summer, I had the opportunity to spend two weeks in Neply, Haiti (which is the poorest country in the western hemisphere) where I worked with an organization called “My Life Speaks”. Over the past four and a half years, my family and I have been able to go a couple times a year and work in this community. My Life Speaks exists to build community through Education, Public Health and Orphan Care and Prevention. The majority of Haitians are never given the opportunity to get an education, but with this organization, they now have this amazing opportunity. Through this, Haitians are being empowered to rise up be the for their country. Many surrounding communities are taking note of this.

Through repeated visits here, we have developed deep rooted friendships with the people of Neply and they have taught us what it means to have little material possessions, but still be joyful and content. It has been amazing seeing how this five year old organization has impacted both this Haitian community as well as many Americans who have visited as well. The people on Neply are starting to have hope for their future, which was not something they had prior to My Life Speaks working there. Experiencing these trips really opened my heart up to the less fortunate, and ultimately led me to Threads of Care. I wanted to not only help those in other countries, but to also be able to help those in my hometown. I started the Page High School chapter of Threads of Care because I want other kids my age to not have to worry about necessities like clothing. I am very excited about this year’s contributions and I have high expectations for our chapter. My hope is that through participating in this organization, I will bring awareness to the people at my school of the needs of those less fortunate around our city.