Teen homelessness is a very real and valid problem in Nashville. Children and young adults have nowhere to go, or are subject to circumstances out of their control that force them to the streets. These adolescents are just starting out their lives, with little help and guidance. Flaws in the Foster Care system and  Department of Child services force kids out to make their own way. Threads of Care is so important because it helps provide these individuals with the food and clothes they need, putting the responsibility in the hands of ordinary citizens, and teens nonetheless, when our government does not do enough to implement reforms to a dysfunctional system. I joined Threads of Care in the hopes of organizing and executing effective drives and fundraisers that would help people in our community. I hoped to get as many people as possible involved within my school, and although new circumstances in the world today have changed the way in which people can be involved, there is still lots to be done. This is an organization that allows teens to take initiative in the attempt of decreasing human suffering as much as possible.