Recently I got the opportunity to serve the homeless community with my dad. Every Tuesday my dad goes with a group of other people from church to downtown Nashville. They preach a sermon and then feed and help to clothe the homeless community. He had gone several times before me and had invited me each time, but I always had work and was never able to go. This time I luckily didn’t have to work so I got to experience it with him. I wasn’t sure what to expect but went in hoping I would be able to make a difference. We got to our city’s Veteran’s Memorial Park and the homeless were already lined up. The first forgotten person that I met was a little older than myself. He had done nothing wrong than family problems and had no one to support him. He was on the streets because he was older than 18 and didn’t have a support group of parents to back him up. My dad then introduced me to several other people he has met throughout the summer. I got to sit down with these people and realize how human they are. They have feelings also they don’t wanna be in this situation. We started the feeding and there was so many people there we had to go and buy more food that night. Next we take out clothes for anyone who needs it. You could tell a sense of gratefulness for the ability to get some dry clothes. I got to sit down with some of the people and learn each of their stories and it was so sad especially considering how it wasn’t their fault. We got the ability to pray over several people and you could just see their humanity it was heartbreaking. I am very glad I got to do this with my dad and learn about my local community. I am happy for organizations like TOC because I can see the impact they make on actual people like events like this. I hope to be able to further the impact we make on our community this year.