Looking around in the community I live in, I don’t think about how others could not be provided for. I have grown up in a richly blessed community, never having to sacrifice or go without something. I have lived in a bubble.

What I do not see every day are the millions of teens and children that cannot provide for themselves. I do not see them shivering in the cold when they don’t have a jacket. I don’t see them walking around without clean clothes or even shoes. But all of this is real.

Joining Threads Of Care has opened my eyes to the real world. I see how many people have to go without certain necessities. I want to help change that, and Threads Of Care is changing that.

We are an organization that believes every child should be cared for. We want to make a difference, one teen at a time. Hosting clothing drives throughout our schools allows the communities we live in become aware of the problems we are fighting. We reach out to them for support, and in return are shedding a light on the subject of teen poverty. With every person spoken to, one more mind is alert to the ever-growing battle. We are slowly fighting this battle with teen poverty, and our organization is just one step in the direction of ending it.

This organization has given me a purpose, something to fight for, something to believe in. I believe that everyone should have the same opportunity to achieve their greatest dreams and that all starts with someone offering a helping hand. We offer that outstretched hand, do you?