What warms your heart the most? What gives you that feeling of satisfaction like no other? What gives you pure joy?

I’ve been asking these questions to myself a lot lately. Being a senior this year, I am basically supposed to have my whole life figured out, right? Everyone is asking me about where I want to go to college, what I want to study, and just exactly how I plan on changing the world. You know, the usual. Well, I don’t necessarily know the answers to those questions yet, but I have one thing figured out: what makes me happy.

I have always found joy in helping others. Seeing the light in someone’s eyes when you lend them a helping hand is priceless. That is why I joined Threads of Care. This whole organization is about giving. It’s about shedding light on what teens in our community struggle with, and how we can help each other out. It’s about spreading hope and joy to teens that need it. We are here to help.

Our last clothing drive was amazing. Many schools around Nashville contributed, and it was truly amazing to see all the pictures of the bags full of clothing going to centers to be distributed. When my vice president and I walked into our assigned center, the lady at the desk’s face lighted up so quickly. She was so overjoyed with all that we and so many others had contributed. She was so ecstatic to see how these clothes would help the teens in need in our community. Her face, her words, and her mission is why Threads of Care is such an amazing organization to be a part of. Just one of the reasons we give to teens in need is to share this joy.