As I stroll down the street in my hometown of Chennai, India;  I notice countless young children sleeping in the streets next to pollution, looking cold and uncomfortable. It is hard to imagine living without shelter and is surreal to see people living in the streets and slums of overpopulated nations such as India.

India’s population of 1.252 billion is the second largest in the world, and that is substantially more than the carrying capacity of the nation’s geography; this causes a lot of problems for society and the environment. Marine life is being destroyed every day, and the environment is being damaged in so many ways incomprehensible.  The most important and bothersome situation because of the population and pollution, is the number of impoverished children. This problem not only occurs in India but in many other countries as well.

If children’s basic rights of shelter, clean air, water, food and clothing aren’t provided, how can they become educated and ultimately able to make a significant impact in the world. It will take all of us united to address the issue of impoverished youth throughout the world. This raises several questions towards countries and people in general. 1 billion children worldwide are living in poverty, and according to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty; Multiple non-profit organizations have stepped up to make a difference by saving the poor and educating them.  Representing the future of our world,  I feel it is the job of every human, to take a stand against childhood poverty. We must help people in need, because all of our lives matter. Each person is a gift to mankind, and their unique contribution can make a positive impact, if given the chance. All it takes is one hand reaching out to another.