Dear America,

Standing silent, watching the crowds go by and
Sitting lonely, what shall we do when the money is through?

We’re falling to pieces, ignored in the streets like a poor-structured thesis,
With no one who cares, we’re only dreaming that somebody dares
To change a system, which kicks us out at 18, that’s a BAD mechanism!


That’s where we are, this systemic injustice festers a growing bloody scar,
No food, no shelter, no shoes to keep our feet dry, oh how we cry,

Now, now, we demand our dignity, ripped from our hearts by the flip of a coin.
Now, now, we demand our pride, skinned off us like damned cowhide,
Hide, hide, that’s what our fearful leaders do, proclaiming a problem, then

Taking more, till they’ve drained
The poor.

Save us.
Care about us.
Love us.

Future of a Nation.