Every summer before the school year starts, student council leads the rising freshmen on tours around our school. As a representative, I lead them around Franklin High School this summer and I loved it! My fellow student council members and I took them to the different hallways and classrooms, giving them numerous tips about high school along the way. Some were excited and some were nervous, just like everyone is when starting their freshman year. We are several weeks into school now, and I see them walking the hallways, having fun with their friends, their worries since subsided. It is a unique and fulfilling experience to see how my work affects those around me on a regular basis.

It is important to be considerate and courteous to everyone because you will never be able to know their full story. You can never be sure what they are going through; if they have a meal waiting for them at home or if they are stressing about not having any clothes to wear to school the next day. One of my personal missions as a Threads of Care ambassador is to solve these problems so everyone can enjoy their high school experience without having to worry about basic needs. Additionally, it is paramount to stay connected with the underclassmen in order to achieve this same goal. They are our future, and we must be sure to help them grow so they can carry on the principles and ideals of this organization.