I grew up in Chattanooga and have lived here my whole life. I love my city and it’s people. I grew up in a tiny little Montessori school in the downtown area and witnessed different parts of my hometown. I remember harvesting plums and peaches from the fruit trees in our small garden and taking them to the community kitchen down the road. We walked in the door with our plastic bags of fruit and handed them to hungry men, women, and children. 

Each summer, I was a witness to this separate world, one in which things never came easily and nothing was guaranteed. I witnessed the glowing eyes of children as they looked into our plastic Walmart bags, and I watched contentment spread across their faces as plum juice dribbled down their chins. I felt that same contentment in my heart as I walked out the door and back to school. 

Those warm memories are what inspired me to join Threads of Care. I became tired of ignoring the necessities of those in need, especially those my age. I volunteer for Threads of Care because I’m fortunate enough to do so. Teen homelessness isn’t only an issue in far away developing countries; it’s a prevalent issue in our own backyards. Many of us have the power to alleviate suffering on cold winter nights or hot summer days by providing children and teens with appropriate clothing. Threads of Care has allowed me to do my small part to make the lives of those in need a little easier, so hopefully, they can find the same contentment and happiness that I have in my life.