Threads of Care is a unique organization in that it is run entirely by students and is designed to stay in effect as they graduate and move on with their lives beyond high school. We are beginning our first transition, as most of our current ambassadors graduate soon and are off to college. Next year, I will be leading Threads of Care as its Executive Director. Currently, I am the Deputy Director and am learning about my future position, responsibilities, and duties of Zach Wolfson, the founder, and current Executive Director. I am honored to have been chosen for this position and am excited to see Threads of Care continue to grow and help even more people. Zach and I have started sharing responsibilities, so I can practice leading while still being able to ask him questions and get important guidance and feedback. We have met several times to discuss the future of Threads of Care, our goals, and ways to improve the organization to help even more people. He has also shared with me the contacts of our partners and important lessons he has learned in his time leading Threads of Care.

The transition also includes recruiting new ambassadors and chapter leaders for the upcoming school year. We have asked our class of 2018 ambassadors to seek out potential leaders interested in becoming a part of the Threads of Care family. If you want to make a difference in your community and help those in poverty, please consider becoming a Threads of Care ambassador and contact us at We would love your help and support.