My short time as an ambassador for Threads of Care has been extremely beneficial and influential in my personal development. Coming into the organization, I would be lying if said I never doubted how well a random assortment of Tennessee teens could make an impact on our local society. I had no idea how to organize a bake sale or how to set up a clothing drive. However, I took the experience step by step and trusted the journey. The tasks, once solar systems out of my capabilities, now are attainable through these learning experiences I’ve had. I found myself accomplishing things I had never thought I could do alongside an amazing support system of ambassadors within my school. From my past and continuing involvements with Threads of Care, I have witnessed myself become more ambitious than I had previously imagined for myself. Where once my creativity was blocked with self doubt, it is now freed by the confidence I have gained from exceeding my personal expectations in Threads of Care. Threads of Care has touched a life beyond the donations and with this gift, I will continue to dream of a bigger, brighter tomorrow than I had dreamt of yesterday.