As winter eventually approaches Tennessee, we all begin to move our summer clothing to the back of the closet and bring forth our winter garments. Tubs packed full of fluffy, warm coats swarm the attic and are carried out to be stored in preparation for the winter season. Our hands will be covered in silky fabric that acts as a barrier between us and the (hopefully) snow covered hills that surround our Williamson County home.

The harsh reality of this is, not everyone in our community can afford the luxury of warmth. In fact, over 10,000 residents of Williamson County, TN experience poverty at this very moment. These unfortunate residents can’t afford warm winter coats to keep them from freezing.

However, those individuals now have a chance to stay warm this winter with the help of Threads Of Care. This organization is uniting from many high schools to host several clothing drives all over the county to keep our residents safe from the cold. With the help of this ambitious organization, we can all join together in making it possible for fellow teens to become safe from the weather that they face each winter.