Trivial as it sounds, a single piece of clothing can greatly determine how you not only feel about yourself but also the world around you. It’s not a surprise when I say that for many teens what you wear and how you wear it results in our self-confidence or lack thereof. But, what many people don’t realize is that confidence is not only something that can fuel your overall mood and happiness, but can also affect your outlook on other aspects of life and the world around you. If you feel so hopeless and not confident in yourself, how can you believe that the world has anything more to offer? Clothing is not just a fashion statement or even a confidence booster, but a lifelong determinate that can change your entire outlook on life. It’s so important to foster this idea of a bright future and endless possibilities to modern teens, and the first step to believing that you can decide your future is believing in yourself and being sure of who you are. The next time you think about just throwing away an old clothing item, think about the enormous effects it could have on an underprivileged teen’s life right here in Tennessee. As innocent as it sounds, that one piece of clothing could lead to that young student believing that they are capable of getting a college degree or even curing cancer. It’s the little things in life that add up to the huge picture that is hope, peace, purpose, and life.