I recently came across a video online. Although it was short, its message was definitely striking. The video started by asking a single question, “What would you do if you saw a six-year-old alone in a public place?” Simple, right? Of course we would choose to go up to the child, maybe attempt to comfort her, but unfortunately, some things are easier said than done. The video cuts to a little girl standing alone in the busy streets clothed in an adorable dress and a spotless coat. Continuously strangers addressed the little girl with concern and attempted to help her, but then the experiment was switched up. This time the little girl was covered in soot and wore ratty, dirty clothing, and this time, not a single person stepped aside to help the little girl. Then when she steps inside a restaurant, people react as though she is a criminal. As she walks past, seeking help, they turn the other way, holding a little tighter to their purses. Eventually, the experiment had to be cut short because the little girl was so distressed by the way she was being treated. I was astounded. No child should ever feel like this, whether staged or not. Appearance has a heavy sway in our society. We, like the people who always look put together with the perfect outfit, have the ability to boost one’s confidence tenfold. Every child and teen deserves that confidence. They deserve to have something to wear that makes them feel good and loved, and that’s what we’re here for. Threads of Care clothing initiatives supply us with the opportunity to give someone that confidence. And I am so extremely excited for this coming year for Threads of Care. Great things are in store!