Community service can impact people in so many ways. It affects those who do the work and it also impacts the receivers of the community service. It helps people physically get things done, it bonds people in friendship, and it humbles all of those around the service. I cannot remember a time where community service was not a huge part of me and my life. Since I can remember, I have always been involved in all sorts of different service work through my school and with my family volunteer work. It truly impacts me and helps me become the best version of myself. It helps me to remember to be grateful for each and every moment. Community service helps me to remember that whatever problems I have or are going through,there is always someone with greater ones, and most importantly community service shows me a different perspective in life and within the world.

Living in Williamson County, for the most part, is like living in a huge bubble. It protectsus from the world and shields us from many of the problems and issues millions have to deal with. However, there are problems and people struggling right here in our community. The typical person living in Williamson County would just overlook the issues and people struggling in our community and just continue with their life. But there are some amazing people cleaning up our rivers and land to preserve our beautiful world, others showing a happy face to the animal shelter, and there are the people in Threads of Care that are very well going to be THE CHANGE IN OUR WORLD. They are going to fight for equality, they are going to fight to end hunger and poverty, and they are going to fight to make our world a more safe, kind, and loving world through community service. Community service is the face of our change in the world.